Emotional Abuse: Help for Victims of Narcissists Parents

Are you tired of feeling emotionally overwhelmed due to the ongoing abuse and manipulation from narcissistic parents? Are you looking for a way out or help to get through this tough situation? 

Being raised in an emotionally abusive home can have long-lasting and damaging effects on children. Many children of narcissistic parents struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt, and depression. Moreover, these children are ill-equipped to handle life’s challenges. 

If you grew up with narcissistic parents, it might feel like there is no escape from their toxic behavior and that your only option is to bear their relentless abuse every day. But it doesn’t have to be this way – there are solutions available for victims of emotional abuse from a narcissistic parent that can help empower them to break free. In this article, we will look at the different types of emotional abuse inflicted by narcissistic parents and provide helpful tips on how victims of narcissistic parenting can take back control over their lives.

Accept That it is Not Your Fault

Many victims of emotional abuse by a narcissistic parent may become neurotic, thinking that the abuse is their fault. You need to accept that it’s not your fault and validate your own emotions as you go through this tough experience.

Find Supportive People

Reach out to friends who can provide you with understanding and love. Feeling isolated can often make one more vulnerable to self-blame so look for helpful people who won’t laugh at your feelings or belittle them in any way, but instead listen empathetically and help you move forward.

Create Positive Mantras

Daily reminders such as “I am worthy of good things” will help recondition your mind over time to reject criticism and replace it with more positive views about yourself.

Give Yourself Healthy Boundaries

Emotional abuse hinges on the abuser getting his/her way, so you need to set up firm boundaries. Remind yourself that it is ok to politely disagree or stand up for yourself without feeling guilty or ashamed of expressing your opinions, values, beliefs, etc., even if they don’t fit with those of the abusive parent.

Practice Releasing Emotions in a Safe Way

Appropriate ways to process painful feelings include writing them out or talking it through with a trusted friend or therapist. Do not let out these feelings on someone else – remember this can only be counter-productive and could end up causing further harm later on down the line. 

Avoid Contact with your Abuser as Much as Possible

One of the key pieces of advice for victims of emotional abuse perpetrated by a narcissistic parent is to avoid contact with the abuser as much as possible. This can be difficult if you still have to live at home or have financial ties with your parents, but it is important if you want to protect yourself from continued abuse. It is important for victims to make psychological space between themselves and their abuser; this may involve creating physical distance through moving out or designing communication techniques such as email, text message, or phone call conversations where speaking quickly and briefly keeps conversations clear and concise. Lastly, victims should surround themselves with supportive people who validate their experiences and lift up their spirits – often peer support groups can provide resources like this.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that emotional abuse from narcissistic parents can be incredibly damaging and leave lasting effects on both children and adults. As such, it’s essential for victims of narcissistic parents to seek out help in order to heal and live their own lives with dignity. Although seeking help can be difficult, it can ultimately empower individuals to stop living in fear and finally break free from their past. With the right resources available, anyone affected by narcissistic parental abuse can create a better future for themselves.

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